Friday, September 26, 2008

Alice's Attic

So you may ask, what the hell is Alice's Attic considering my name is Georgia, in case you were wondering it's a brand and one day it will be a household name.

Keep an eye out lovers of the arts alike, one day you will be able to find us just around the corner.

Gail Sorronda

Just thought I'd give it a mention. I think I've found love, no really, it's true. Gail Sorronda by Gail Reid uses only a Black and White palate and I must say, the word genius does spring to mind. If I had nothing but Gail Sorronda in my wardrobe I think it would be the equivalent of heaven...

The first of many to come...

So this is blogging eh? I've always thought blogging was for people who didn't have anything better to do than subscribe to internet websites that fostered their sad lives and turned them into something worth talking about...

Alas, I was wrong. Since browsing the blog scene I've discovered not only that I was completely unappreciative of this unusual phenomenon, but that blogging was for people who knew their shit when it came to the same things I'm into ie. fashion, photography, books, film, music, porn.

Just kidding, I don't subscribe to the porn blogs, really. (Do they even allow them??)

For those who are interested in what I have to post, you'll be seeing more on the above topics (porn excluded) and hey, maybe we can band together one day and convince the ignorant others who had the same impression of blogging that I did, and prove that there's an expansive world where far more creative personalities exist than we give each other credit for.

Be seein you,